Benefits of Parks

Parks are our local natural sanctuary. It is our main bond with nature and is used as a refreshing space to relax.

Parks encourage people to engage in physical activity and to socialize more. It is good for our mental and physical health. It is perfect for family time and any social activity you wish to engage in. Parks are beneficial for neighborhoods because they provide a safe space for children to play in and nurture healthy communities. Everyone will remember the neighborhood park from their childhood memories.

Helps Reduce Heat

Concrete junglesConcrete jungles are known for being hotter than hell during the summer. Cities which are abundant in asphalt and lack green open spaces are a real nightmare during hotter days. This factor increases health issues, air pollution, and overall affects us all negatively.

On the other hand, even a small park can make difference. Trees provide shade, and natural soil and shrubbery are far more comfortable than asphalt and concrete. Parks are known to reduce temperature up to 5ºC.

Safe Space

Communities are built on trust and collectiveness. There is no better place to bond in than the local park. This is where people meet and greet and welcome new members of the community. It is like a community living room. People can engage in any social activities or watch their children play together. This makes people develop a sense of togetherness and safety which is very important.

 Playing in natureIt has been observed that communities which do have parks have a lower crime rate. This is especially true if the park includes some recreational or fitness space and equipment. By keeping the young of the street and bringing the older people together you form a safe and strong community which will have each other’s backs.

This safe space provides children with a chance for healthy development. Playing in nature with other children helps develop motor skills and social skills. It reduces the risk of developing ADD and ADHD, as well.

Health Benefits

Health BenefitsParks and trees are the best way to reduce air pollution in big cities. Air pollution is a health hazard which most people ignore. However, this factor of living in a concrete jungle can increase the risk of developing cancer, respiratory diseases, and have a negative effect on your skin.

Mental Health

Parks are beneficial for psychological reasons as well. They provide you with a natural open space for physical and social activities and are usually welcoming and friendly. This boosts local mental health and preserves the well-being of the community. Nature generally has a strong positive effect on people’s mental health.

Parks are especially good at fighting obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity and lack of physical activity are hazardous to our health. Thus, parks help us try recreational activities, sports, or just walking. This can reduce the risk of heart diseases, mental diseases, and the risk of developing cancer.

The upside is, of course, that this is all done in open space and that it is totally cost-free.